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Maria Harbor

Romance and Adventure

More than a Happily Ever After

Cover By JK Hogan


An avid reader of romance, mystery and adventure, Maria Harbor loves a good story to get lost in. She writes books she would read herself.  Quirky characters who work hard to grow into a life of love, set her stories apart.

She believes a good love story has work and true to life elements. She tries to smile everyday, which usually happens after she wrestles the pot of coffee away from her teens. Maria Harbor lives in the great Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children.

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My Debut Novel TRIBE 



Mutant marks are to be feared. They bring destruction. Death is the only way to deal with the afflicted and save everyone else.

When a mutant mark blinds Yansey, she runs to the one person who might not kill her on sight. Maunit puts aside the tribe and his dreams of a normal life to help his betrothed escape her death sentence. Under the cover of darkness, the young couple flees their tribe—their home—to forge a new life in a foreign land.

While Yansey’s unexplainable powers continue to grow, Maunit pushes them forward to find safety and peace in the kingdom of the city people. His training is tested, as is Yansey’s love, when he has to battle unfamiliar enemies hunting them for unknown reasons. He never expected things to go so terribly wrong. But now, Maunit must trust a stranger—a man with a mutant mark of his own—if he has any hope of saving Yansey.

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